The Covid-19 has shaken the lives of everyone but the crisis will be overcome. With the situation changing by the hour it can leave you wondering what is going to come next.

Those that plan for the future will be the ones that will be poised for a quicker recovery so now is the time to start thinking about what you will do post CV-19. Whilst the current trend is towards delivery and take-away platforms, after CV-19, businesses will be searching for ways to get customers back through the doors.

The OGOGO phone application ‘OGOGO’ is built around ‘boots-on-the-ground’, in other words we want to help businesses drive people back through the doors and into their retail and service businesses.

To do this we are partnering with Vendors who will introduce their customers to our revolutionary platform and in turn have a set of tools that will help them increase sales.

To entice customers to join during the CV-19 period we are partnering with charities (yours and ours), we will create a banner advert that you can share via social media/email with your community who in turn purchase a $10 Member activation card and allow you to build up a network of loyalty linked customers.

OGOGO’s primary charity is the TGC Fund, $4 of the $10 Membership Fee will go to the TGC Disaster Response Fund to help  lead disaster recovery efforts, including projects related to Covid-19, whilst you choose where $5 goes, it can go to the TGC Fund, or a local Charity of your choice.